Too $hort - Baller


Friendship at 500 feet per second

We limp from ego-boost to ego-boost
This can’t go on forever
We’re both ugly puny shits
So let’s go out together

Only thing down this mouse hole
Disgraceful mid-life crisis
Be a brother, hold my hand
Until we lay here lifeless

Your brother’s got your back
Your crew makes you bigger
Suicide pact
A true friend pulls the trigger

I said I needed help
You said that you would do it
My mouth’s open wide
Stuff the barrel through it

Friendship at 500 feet per second

I’m dead fucking serious
You said you were too
This is why game’s over
Stupid friends like you

I’m this committed

You think you want to live
So fucking weak I need a hand
And you think you’re going
To make it

(via youthxcrew69)



wanna do that thing where they make babies but not actually make babies?

do not release your semen in there then


It’s burning up in here,
Even though the bed is cold on your side.
I’d rather die,
then spend this night here without you